When I first heard of the cafe named “Brioche”, I assumed that it was some French-style bakery that specializes in the bread its named after. That was not the case however. In fact, not only did the cafe not offer any brioche bread, but it was actually Italian/Mediterranean rather than French, with a menu containing various breakfast items, pastas, and Italian dishes. They did, however, have a nice display case filled with various cakes and other pastries (though nothing containing brioche), and being the dessert fiend that I am, I couldn’t resist sampling them first. I got their Black Forest Cake, Gluten Free Brownie (in my defence, I did not know that it was GF until AFTER ordering it), and Opera Cake.


Black Forest Cake ($6.75?):

This consisted of two layers of chocolate cake sandwiching a layer of cream, and topped with another layer of cherries and cream, chocolate shavings, and the obligatory marishino cherry. The cake was very moist and tender. I had an issue with the cream, unfortunately: it had a stiff texture and, more importantly, a slightly off, freezer-burned flavour. The shavings of chocolate tasted a bit waxy. It certainly wasn’t bad though, and I did enjoy the cake overall.

Gluten Free Brownie ($6.75?):

This looked nothing like an actual brownie (which was the reason why I actually picked it – I had NO idea that it was a brownie and, even more importantly GF until AFTER I had ordered it): it was more like a pie with a layer of brownie at the bottom that’s filled with a layer of what appears to be white chocolate icing mixed with pieces of brownie. In spite of my distaste towards GF stuff (I think that it’s a dumb fad that needs to die), I have to say that this actually tasted quite good. The brownie itself was dense and fudgy, albeit a bit grainy. The “white chocolate” lent a nice sweetness and fragrance. Similar to the Black Forest, I did find that the cake had a freezer-burned flavour. Nevertheless, I do confess that I did quite enjoy this dessert.

Opera Cake ($6.75?):

The cake was tender and moist. The layers of coffee mousse/icing provided a nice fragrance and a bit of bitterness. As with the other cakes, this one also suffered from a slight freezer-burned flavour, although it doesn’t seem to be as prominent as the other desserts.

Overall, I found the desserts at Brioche to be reasonably tasty, but marred by an “off”, freezer-burned flavour. I was also a bit annoyed that they don’t have the prices of their desserts clearly displayed (and also not labeling their desserts on their display case, which was what resulted in me picking something GF) – I did experience a bit of stick shock when the total came to over $20, which works out to be approximately $6.75 for a relatively small and not very high quality cake. The staff was super friendly however, and I definitely look forward to coming back to trying their pastas and other savoury items. I would just skip the desserts here.

Food: 3/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: N/A (although the staff are super friendly)
Overall: 3/5
Recommendations: N/A

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