Sushi 7 & Penang Delight Cafe – Celebrating mom’s birthday

So my mom’s birthday’s coming up, and to celebrate, I decided to treat out to some food. I knew better than to actually take her out to a restaurant however – the last time we went out she spent the entire time complaining about how we were getting ripped off. So instead, I ordered takeout so that she wouldn’t know the actual prices (and what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her…or anyone who has to put up with her complaints). Knowing how much she loves sushi rolls, I ordered takeout from Sushi 7 via Skipthedishes for her to enjoy for lunch.

Rainbow Roll ($11.95), Spider Dragon Roll ($12.95), Dragon Roll ($13.95):

4/5 (score according to my mom).
I didn’t eat any of the rolls myself, seeing that 1) I’m the 0.000001% of the population who actually doesn’t like sushi (or seafood in general) and 2) I’m allergic to avocadoes. My mom really enjoyed all of the rolls, in particular the Spider Dragon, which contained deep-fried soft shell crab. According to her, everything tasted fresh, and the rolls were all very creamy and xian.

Food: 4/5 (according to my mom)
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Recommendations: Special sushi rolls
Sushi 7 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

After the sushi lunch, I proceeded to order more takeout for dinner, this time something that the entire family can enjoy. I decided to pick Penang Delight Cafe, which specializes in Malaysian cuisine. I got their most popular dishes, including the Hainese Chicken, Deluxe Curry Platter, Penang House Special Fish, and K.L. Hokkian Mee.


Hainanese Chicken ($14.95):

The chicken was relatively moist and tender. It was quite bland on its own (which I understand is supposed to be the characteristic of the dish), but tasted okay when dipped into the accompanying chile sauce. Overall, I think that this is a decent rendition of the dish.

Deluxe Curry Platter ($24.95):

This consisted of samples of their Rendang Chicken, Lamb, and Beef. The curries had a nice fragrance from the lemongrass and coconut. The portion of chicken was okay while the beef and lamb were quite small. The lamb was relatively tender and not overly gamey. The beef was a bit tougher and had some grisly bits, but was still okay. The chicken was my personal favourite, since it was mostly dark meat, meaning that it was tender and juicy. While I really liked the fragrance, the meat was a bit underseasoned and I was disappointed by its lack of heat.

Penang House Special Fish ($18.95):

This is tilapia fish that has been fried in soy sauce. I’m sorry to say this, but this is downright bad. The fish was not fresh and had a pretty off-putting smell. A few bites and I’m done.

K.L. Hokkian Mee ($14.45):

This consisted of egg noodles that have been stir fried with various seafood, meat, and vegetables, and flavoured with soy sauce. I was quite disappointed in the dish the moment I opened the package: it was pratically all noodles with some vegetables (I think it’s Chinese broccoli) and a few scant pieces of meat and squid. Both the meat and seafood were quite tough. The noodles were okay, having a nice bouncy texture. In spite of the dark colour, I found the entire dish to be underseasoned and bland.

After this dinner, I cannot overstate how relieved I was that I did not actually take my mom to the restaurant so that she did not know how much the dishes were – I’d NEVER hear the end of it. Even I, who spends tons of money on food, feel somewhat ripped off. The food ranged from mediocre to just downright bad and I do feel a bit embarassed to have picked this restaurant for my mom’s birthday. Oh well, at least she did enjoy Sushi 7.

Food: 2/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 2/5
Recommendations: Rendang Curry (seriously though, I’d recommend that you just skip this place)
Penang Delight Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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