Jam Cafe (revisit)

I went to Jam Cafe a couple of months ago, where I had their Chicken French Toast. There are many other delicious-sounding items on their menu that I still wanted to try however, so I decided to return again this Wednesday to sample more of their food. The line was considerably longer this time around, and I had to wait >30 minutes to get seated. I initially wanted to have their Pulled Pork Pancakes, but discovered that they apparently serve them with the same jalepeno maple syrup that came with their Chicken French Toast, which I really didn’t care much for. So instead, I decided to get their Cracker Jack. Being very hungry (even more so than usual) from the long wait, and also needing to make up for lost time after having spent the past week recovering from the flu, I decided to also get a Red Velvet Pancake.

Cracker Jack ($15):

You CANNOT go wrong with nutella!

This consisted of two thick slices of brioche french toast sandwiching nutella and banana, and was accompanied by whipped cream and a small fruit salad. It is really hard to go wrong with nutella and banana, and this rendition is just delicious. Previously, I had complained about the french toast in their chicken french toast to be under-toasted; I have to say that the bread in this dish was considerably better, with the edges being quite crispy while the interior is still soft and fluffy. The accompanying fruit was also a nice touch and a good palate cleanser to the sweeter chocolate spread.

Onto the pancake now…


Red Velvet Pancake ($8.5):

This is a fair-sized pancake, although much smaller than the ones from Jethros and The Elbow Room Cafe. Compared to the latter two spots, I have to say that this had them beat easily. The pancake was soft and cakey, and had absolutely no weird smell or aftertaste. I absolutely loved the drizzle of cream cheese that accompanied this pancake. I did find the price to be a bit high for one pancake however; the full stack of 3 at $14 is a much better deal (but even I, with my MASSIVE appetite probably wouldn’t have been able to finish both the french toast and a full stack of pancakes. Probably…)


I, of course, finished all of my food. The meal left me very full, though not to the point where I felt like I needed to sit down and carefully rethink my life choices. Again, the staff members were very friendly and quite efficient, and turned tables very quickly. Overall, I really do like this cafe, although I’m not quite sure whether I’d be willing to stand in line for over 30 minutes for a table again.

I seriously need to eat less…I won’t be able to get by otherwise on a grad student’s salary =/

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Cracker Jack, Pancakes (get the full stack; it’s a better deal)
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