Tartine Breads and Pies

The 2 people that occasionally browse my blog may have noticed that I haven’t made any posts for the past week or so. This is because I’ve gone through some major changes since the new year. I’ve found myself to be quite put off by all the unhealthy, sugar-loaded fattening foods that I used to enjoy eating. All of that junk is making me ill and will probably kill me. I need to make some serious lifestyle changes and clean up my diet and become healthier. It’s all going to be fresh fruits and vegetables from now onwards!

Then my flu ended, and I returned back to my normal, gluttonous, junk food-loving self. Seriously though, that bout of flu was ROUGH. I was knocked out for two days with a high fever, and then spent another week coughing and hacking with my throat on fire. But I’ve fully recovered now, and I’m going to get busy eating again. I need to make up for lost time!

To kick off the new year, I decided to visit Tartine Breads and Pies. They have two locations that are like within a few blocks of each other, which I found to be a bit odd (I mean wouldn’t it be better to spread your shops out more?). I went to their Davie Street location. Of course, as their name suggests, they offer quite a good variety of pies. I happen to be not a very big fan of fruit pies – I prefer my pies to come with cream and/or nuts (I’m sure that there’s a dirty joke here, somewhere), so I got a slice of their Coconut Cream Pie and a slice of their Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie. I also got a Bakewell Tart and a Butter Tart.

Coconut Cream Pie ($4.25):

Although the slice of pie looked modest in size, it was actually quite light and airy (translation: I NEED at least 2 slices to satisfy my massive appetite). It consisted of a layer of shredded coconut that was topped with a thick layer of cream. I personally did not care too much for the cream; I found it to be kind of bland, which is unfortunate as it made up the majority of the pie filling. The coconut layer was considerably more flavourful, and of course, had a really nice fragrance. I personally would have preferred it to be sweeter, but I know that many other people don’t like an overload of sugar, and will find this to be just fine. I was most impressed by the crust: it was perfectly baked where the edges weren’t burnt, easy to cut into, and had a slight bit of salt that helped add flavour.

Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie ($4.25):

This was filled with chocolate chips and walnuts. I will begin by saying that the crust for this pie was just perfect in terms of doneness, with the edges being just slightly browned without burnt. The filling was considerably sweeter than that of the coconut cream, without (in my opinion) being overly so. As stated in the name, the chocolate they used was from Nestle, which isn’t exactly the highest quality and tasted a tad stale. It was still delicious though, and for the price, I certainly ain’t complaining.

Butter Tart ($3?):

The crust was tender and flaky, the filling was sticky, gooey and sweet without being overly so. It had a nice caramelized flavour. It had some raisins in the bottom, which I didn’t really care too much for (I personally would have preferred some nuts), but that’s just my personal preference.

Bakewell Tart ($3?):

This was filled with almond paste and jam, and topped with sliced almonds. The crust is noticeably different from that of the butter tart: it was more like a shortbread and had a nice crumbly texture. The almond paste was sweet and fragrant, and paired well with the jam, which lent a bit of tartness. The sliced almonds provided a good crunch.

I’ve spent >1 week out of commission, and Tartine Breads & Pies proved to be a great way to break my fast, as well as kick off the new year. The food is delicious and the prices are an absolute steal. I’m definitely a fan of this bakery, and I will certainly be coming back for more. *fingers crossed that I don’t get sick again*

Food: 4/5
Service: N/A
Price: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5
Recommendations: Pies, Tarts

Tartine Breads & Pies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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