Black Rook Bakehouse

I’ve seriously been having the WORST luck with Black Rook Bakehouse: I’m a massive chocoholic and am really hoping to sample one of their several chocolate varieties of cake, but they never seem to have one available whenever I visit. My latest trip was no different: the three cakes that they had to offer were Chester (carrot cake), Molly (red velvet cake, which I had already sampled from a previous visit), and Doris (lemon cake). *sigh* Either they, for whatever reason, don’t make chocolate cake often or the Carb Gods (I may be an atheist, but I do worship at the alter of carbohydrates) hate me. Desperate to satisfy my chocolate cravings, I decided to get a slice of their Chocolate Brownie Cream Pie instead. I also had a slice of the Chester cake (as well as a mince meat tart for my cat mom).

Still no chocolate cakes available – *cries*

Now, the staff member who took my order did the absolute unthinkable – he used a single box to hold BOTH the cake slice and the pie (as well as the tiny little tart). I was absolutely horrified. I was almost certain that everything would be a squashed mess, similar to the cupcake that I dropped a couple of weeks ago (I’m still not over that). I was almost afraid to open the box when I got home.

Please don’t be a squashed mess. Please don’t be a squashed mess…

Miraculously, everything was more or less intact. I guess the staff member must have mad skills. PHEW!

Chocolate Brownie Cream Pie ($6.25):

The pie was filled with chocolate mousse and crumbled bits of chocolate cookie. The mousse was creamy and lucious, and had a great bittersweet chocolate flavour. The crust looked a bit blond, but I didn’t mind as I personally perfer a lighter-coloured cruster than a burnt one. It was coated in a thin layer of chocolate, which lent a great flavour. I was adisappointed by the rather sparse amount of cookie pieces: I only found one sizable chunk (which was, of course, delicious), and a few small crumbs. Even though the slice looks quite big, it was actually very light and airy, and took no trouble to consume.

Chester (Carrot Cake, $7):

Layers of carrot cake envelope a full New York cheese cake which is topped off with a cream cheese icing.
I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with carrot cakes, not only because they’re a great vehicle for delicious cream cheese frosting, but also because they tend to be quite large. I have to admit, I was a tad upset when I opened my box to see a small chunk missing from the top layer of my cake (I’m a greedy pig and I want my slice to be as big as possible). Fortunately, the slice was quite thick, so the portion was still quite large and comparable to that from Trafiq and Cadeaux. Taste-wise, the cake was just fantastic. The cake was soft, moist, and filled with tons of carrots, raisins, nuts and other goods. The cream cheese frosting was smooth and tangy. What really stood out for me however, was the layer of thick, tangy cheesecake in the middle, which was already delicious enough on its own and paired incredibly well with the cake – a true match made in heaven. Personally, I would have liked the cake to have a bit more spice, but that’s just nitpicking. This is quite a rich and hefty dessert, and might even be shareable for those with smaller appetites (though definitely not for me – seriously I will stab anyone who’s stupid enough to come near my cake).

Mince Meat Tart ($2.95):

I gave this to my mom. She enjoyed it. It was very small however, and I found the price to be a bit too high.

I’ve been quite impressed by my latest visit to Black Rook Bakehouse. It may not rank nearly as high for me as Trafiq or Cadeaux, but it is still a solid spot to go to for desserts. I’m certainly going to be returning again: I WILL HAVE MY CHOCOLATE CAKE DAMN IT!

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Cake and Pies (my current favourite is Chester)

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