Cupcakes – What a tragedy!

I don’t buy cupcakes very often. It’s not that I don’t like them (I’ll certainly devour them if they are there), but I do find them to be a little too dainty. I generally prefer to get cakes and muffins over cupcakes. However, I’m quite prone to temptation when it strikes, and a few days ago, while heading back home from my grocery shopping at Metrotown, I could not help but be drawn by the sweet scent that was emitting from the Cupcakes location there. In addition to a pretty good selection of regular flavours, they had a couple of seasonal ones as well (Rudolf, Candy Cane, Eggnog, Gingerbread). I picked the prettiest one, which happened to be the Rudolf. Unfortunately, I had an accident on my way home, and dropped the box containing the cupcake. F***.

I just want to cry.

Rudolf Cupcake ($3.50):

This consisted of chocolate and vanilla marble cake, with chocolate and vanilla frosting, and was topped with a pretzel and a piece of chocolate dyed red for the famous red nose. Fortunately, the fall did not affect the flavour. The cake was quite moist and soft, albeit not too flavourful on its own, and the frosting was quite smooth and creamy. I was personally very happy by the generous amount of frosting topping the cupcake (there are people who might think it’s too much or too sweet, but I have a high sugar tolerance and will happy eat frosting right out of a jar).

Feeling unsatisfied after the miniature cupcake disaster, I revisited Cupcakes a few days later. This time, I went to their Broadway location. Even though the store front is considerably larger than that of their Metrotown’s, the selection of flavours differed between the two places, and they didn’t have the Eggnog flavour that I was hoping to try. Instead, I got their Candy Cane cupcake. I also go their Simply Mint from their regular flavour, mostly due to the piece of mint chocolate decorating the top. It wasn’t until I was on the bust, on my way home (holding the box of cupcakes very, very tightly this time to avoid another tragedy) that it occurred to me that both of the cupcakes were mint-flavoured. Oh well. I’m never good at making snap decisions, and at least I didn’t end up dropping another, unplanned $50. This time around, I was able to make it home safely.

Made it home safely. PHEW!

Candy Cane ($3.50):

Vanilla and peppermint marble cake with white peppermint buttercream. The cake was a tad bit drier and tougher than the one from my previous visit, but was still sufficiently soft. It had a good, cool flavour from the mint. I found the buttercream to be a bit too hard and stiff this time around, and a tad greasy. While I don’t care for candy canes on their own, the pieces of crushed candy cane in the butter cream, which lent both a nice refreshing taste and a great bit of crunch.

Simply Mint ($3.50):

Chocolate cake with mint buttercream. The chocolate cake here was considerably more moist than that of the Candy Cane cupcake, but a tad weak in cocoa flavour. The generous amount of buttercream that topped the cake was also much softer and creamier, albeit still a tad greasy. It had a good amount of cool peppermint flavour and paired quite well with the slightly bitter chocolate cake.

As I’ve stated at the beginning of this post, cupcakes aren’t typically my go-to dessert, and my recent visits to Cupcakes have not changed my view. Their offerings are pretty decent however, and I never know when temptation will strike again. I just hope that I don’t have another accident.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: N/A (I don’t feel that I’ve tried enough flavours)
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