Mink Chocolates – This is awkward…

I hate to complain at restaurants/shops.  I don’t want to come across as some spoiled, entitled a-hole who has to have everything their way. I don’t like to bully staff members and make their already tiring work even more difficult. Thus, I found myself in quite an uncomfortable situation at Mink Chocolate this Friday. I had visited the cafe to try out their fondue, which was offered in 2 varieties: a fruit version and a s’mores (each coming with either 38% or 70% chocolate). Since I don’t care for fruits at all (they are nothing more than garnishes in my opinion), I requested the s’mores version with 38% milk chocolate. I also ordered an Americano.

Now, when the server (who wasn’t the same person as the cashier who took my order) served up my drink at the counter, I hesitated to claim it as I wasn’t 100% certain that it was mine (I’ve accidentally taken someone else’s drink before at Starbucks and have been very careful not to make the same mistake again since). Seeing my hesitation, the server asked me what my order was, and I told her that it as an Americano and fondue. She told me that the drink was mine, and that my fondue will be ready in a few minutes. I took my drink (along with a complimentary piece of chocolate that they apparently include) and took a seat. About five minutes later, the server came to my table with the fondue…only it was the fruit version and not the s’mores. Uh oh.

I told her that I had asked for the s’mores version, but she didn’t seem to understand and said something alone the lines of “didn’t you want fondue?” I realized that I had two choices: either keep my mouth shut and accept the fruit version or explain to her that there has been a mistake. I didn’t like either option, but in the end, I mustered my courage and explained to her that I had ordered the s’mores version (if you can’t tell by now I REALLY don’t like fruit). Finally understanding the mistake, she took the tray away and re-prepared the fondue. I just felt terrible watching her. I know that I had clearly told the cashier that I wanted the s’mores fondue, and I don’t know where the line of communication broke down, but I cannot help but feel guilty and think that maybe I should have specified that I wanted the s’mores version to the server instead of just saying “fondue”.


S’mores Fondue ($11.95):

The set came with 6 marshmallows, 12 graham crackers (so enough for 6 assembled s’mores in total), a pot of melted chocolate and a hibachi for toasting the marshmallows.


Taste-wise, everything was quite good. Unsurprisingly, my favourite component was the melted chocolate; they provide a pretty generous amount too (I had a good amount left over after assembling all the s’mores, and actually ended up just picking up the pot and drinking its contents). The charm of the dish however, lies primarily in the experience, the fun of getting to play with and assemble your food. Now, the portion is supposed to be for two, but seriously, the odds of pigs evolving the ability to fly is much higher than me sharing a dessert.


Americano (Large, $4):


This came with a small piece of dark chocolate, which was a nice touch.

The fondue at Mink was certainly a nice experience and I’m glad to have tried it out. Unfortunately that fun was somewhat ruined for me due to the awkward incident earlier. If only I liked fruit more…

Food: 3.5/5
Service: N/A (I don’t rate service for non-restaurant type places, although the mistake with my order was pretty uncomfortable)
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3/5
Recommendations: Fondue

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