True Confections – Tall and thin

I really hate it when I enter a restaurant or bakery or some other small shop to find it empty. Suddenly, all of the staffs’ attention fall on me. In my feeble, paranoid mind, I can feel their eyes watching me, scrutinizing my every move. Given the choice, I’d rather enter a completely crowded place and wait for 30 minutes in line than be in a completely empty one. Thus, I was quite reluctant to enter into True Confections this week, after seeing that the restaurant was completely empty. I actually wandered around for a bit, waiting, hoping for someone to enter. After about 10 minutes however, I finally decided to suck it up, took a deep breath and stepped through the door.

There was only one staff member present when I got in, and fortunately, he was quite friendly (I’ve heard some other people complaining about the service being rude and terrible). Even though the restaurant offers quite a good selection of pies, cheesecakes, and layered cakes, I had no trouble choosing what I wanted: being the glutton that I am, I immediately picked the tallest cake that was available which was the Devil’s Food Cake. I also got a hit of caffeine in the form of an Americano.

Devil’s Food Cake ($8.95):

This consisted of three layers of chocolate cake sandwiching chocolate mousse and frosted with marshmallow frosting, and was served with some whipped cream. The cake was the exact opposite of me in terms of stature: tall and thin (I’ll let you infer what I look like). Now I’ve heard complaints from other reviewers about the cakes being dry. Maybe they have consistency issues, but the cake that I got was quite moist, tender and light. The mousse was smooth and creamy, with a nice amount of chocolate flavour. The marshmallow frosting was sticky and fluffy without being overly sweet. Overall, I really enjoyed this cake. Was it as good as the ones from Trafiq or Cadeaux? No. But it as still quite tasty. I was a bit disappointed by the portion size however: the slice was just too thin and, for $9, I just expected it to be bigger.

Americano ($2.95):


A bit of an aside, but as I was ploughing my way through my cake, I saw two (probably Japanese) ladies enter the restaurant. The server tried to seat them, but they refused as they couldn’t find a spot where they could be out of the sun. The server explained to them that the restaurant didn’t have blinds, after which they promptly left. It was a bit weird. Maybe they are vampires? I know that I’d certainly never let a bit of sunlight get between me and dessert. But anyways, I will say that although I did enjoy my visit at True Confections and found the bakery to be better than what some other reviewers say, I probably will not be returning (at least not often) as I find their prices to be too steep. I’ll be sticking to Trafiq and Cadeaux.

Food: 4/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Devil’s Food Cake

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