Cadeaux – My love for you grows

I’m a staunch believer in free love and polyamory…at least when it comes to restaurants/bakeries (as for actual polyamory, being in a relationship with even one person is already far too troublesome in my opinion, not to mention multiple people – kudos to those that do manage). This is fortunate as right now caught in a love triangle between Trafiq and Cadeaux, and I won’t have to chose between the two. In the case of Trafiq, it was love at first sight. Cadeaux, on the other hand, was a slower relationship where the love took a while to grow and develop. The first time that I visited, I honestly didn’t have very strong impressions of the bakery – I thought that it was good, but nothing outstanding. On my second visit however, I was completely blown away by their Chocolate Raspberry Latte cake, and to this day still consider it to be one of the best cakes that I’ve ever eaten. Now, after my latest visit, I have to say that I’m almost willing to rethink its ranking against Trafiq as my favourite bakery in Vancouver. Almost (I would have to revisit both places multiple times in order to properly evaluate them and make a fair decision). During my aforementioned latest visit, I got a slice of their Carrot Cake as well as their rotating variety of chocolate cake, which was Pear & Praline. I also picked up a Butter Croissant for my mom. I think that I must have been lucky and happened to catch the staff on a day when they were feeling especially generous as the slices of cakes that I got were huge (as in about 2x the slices that some other bakeries give).

Pear & Praline Chocolate Cake ($6.25):

This consisted of five layers of chocolate cake sandwiching two alternating layers of pear compote and (I think hazelnut) buttercream, and surrounded by a generous layer of chocolate frosting. The cake, as usual, was incredibly soft, moist and light. The chocolate frosting was lucious, smooth and flavourful with a perfect bittersweet flavour. The layers of (hazelnut?) buttercream lent a nice crunch and fragrance. My only complaint is that the pear compote, while tasty by itself, didn’t pair (no pun intended) very well with the chocolate in my opinion. In spite of its large size, the cake was so light and delicious that it disappeared in no time.

Carrot Cake ($6.25):

This consisted of five layers of carrot cake sandwiching layers of cream cheese frosting, and surrounded by another generous layer of cream cheese frosting. Now I have an unhealthy obsession with cream cheese frosting – I simply cannot get enough of the stuff – and was absolutely delighted by the thick layer of the tangy, creamy frosting enclosing the cake. The cake itself was a bit more dense than its chocolate counterpart, but still incredibly moist and bursting with carrots, raisins, and large chunks of walnuts. The only “negative” – if you can count it as a negative – is that the cake is more “traditional” compared to some of their more creative varieties. I have to mention that the slice I received was enormous – even larger than the chocolate slice. I was a really happy camper.

Butter Croissant ($2.90):

I cannot review the croissant as my mom had it. The only thing that I’ll say is that she enjoyed it.

I have to say that after my latest visit, I’m now head over heels in love with Cadeaux right now; I think that it is one of the best bakeries in Vancouver and I just cannot wait to return. I just hope that Trafiq doesn’t find out about this relationship…

Food: 5/5
Price: 4.5/5 (5/5 for this particular occasion)
Service: N/A
Overall: 5/5
Recommendations: ANY of their cake slices
Cadeaux Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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