Twisted Fork Bistro – My research on French Toast

Last week, I sampled the Chicken French Toast from Jam Cafe, and while I really liked the chicken, I wasn’t as impressed by the french toast, which I thought just tasted like ordinary (albeit very tasty) bread. Having had french toast only once before however (and having literally no recollection of that experience), I actually didn’t know what french toast was supposed to taste like. So, for PURELY scientific purposes, I decided to do some research. After some digging, I discovered that the Twisted Fork Bistro apparently serves one of the best versions of french toast in Vancouver (at least according people on Yelp), so I decided to give the place a try. Although I’ve read a lot about the long lineups and wait times of up to 1 hr during the weekends, the place was actually half-empty when I visited (12:30 pm on a Wednesday), and I was promptly seated. Although they have a pretty good variety of delicious-sounding breakfast/brunch items, I of course already knew what I was going to order: their French Toast. I also had a cup of their coffee to accompany my meal.

French Toast ($16.5):

This consisted of three large slices of brioche bread sandwiching a generous amount of banana filling, accompanied by fresh whipped cream, a shot glass of syrup and a few slices of strawberries and apples. The brioche bread was extremely soft and fluffy, with a slightly crispy exterior. Unfortuantely, the banana filling didn’t do much for me; while it added a nice texture and fragrance (and of course, fibre and potassium), it was largely flavourless. In spite of the apperance, I actually found the french toast by itself to be on the bland side. Drizzled with the syrup and whipping cream however, and it was jsut perfect. I was also surprised by how filling it was; when it was first set down in front of me, I thought “pftt, I’ll breeze right through this”. I mean sure it was a generous portion, but I’ve got a MASSIVE appetite, and I was sure that I’d be able to polish this off and still have room left to spare. Surprisingly, I actually got quite full, to the point where I had to actually “push” myself to finish the last couple of bites. Of course, being the glutton champ that I am, I did ultimately finish my plate, but it was nowhere as easy as I thought it would be.

Coffee ($4):

They serve their coffee in a french press. I can’t speak much about the quality of the coffee (I honestly can’t tell the difference between a cup from McDonalds or one from an acclaimed artisanal coffee shop like Timbertrain – they all taste the same to me), but I thought it was pretty fun to steep and pour my own coffee. There was about 3 cups worth in the press (I only had 2 as I haven’t been sleeping too well recently and didn’t want to over-caffeinate).

All finished *burp*

Having now had (at least according to social media) one of the “best” versions of french toast in Vancouver, I can say that overall, I do like french toast. Although it isn’t exactly a life-changing dish, it is definitely still delicious and I’ll certainly be ordering it more often when I have the chance. As for the restaurant itself, I really liked its casual, relaxed vibe. The staff members were cheerful an friendly without ever being overbearing. Even though I do think that the place is a tad over-hyped, I still had a great experience, and hope to come back again.

The bill

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: French Toast
Twisted Fork Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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