Nottes Bon Ton

I’ve got to confess that I’ve putting off visiting this bakery for a long time; not because I wasn’t tempted by the tremendous variety of gorgeous-looking treats that they offer, but because of all the horror stories I’ve heard from other reviewers of how bad tempered the ladies who work there can be. The draw of pastries proved to be too great however, and I was finally able to muster enough courage to visit the bakery. Because I’ve read a story from another reviewer of how he (or she) got yelled at by one of the ladies for taking photos, I didn’t dare take any pictures while I was inside, but was able to snap a few shots from the outside. Perhaps I was just fortunate enough to catch them on a good day, but the ladies didn’t seem to mind me much (in fact, I actually thought that they were quite pleasant). Although they have a variety of cookies, cakes, pastries and other sweets, I was drawn to their selection of mini treats. I have no idea of what was in any of the treats – they were all given unique but non-informative like “dobos” or “jealousy” – and I certainly didn’t have the courage to ask questions, so I picked based on their apperances and names. I got the Canadian Cheese, Three Sisters, Chocolate Devil, Progressive, Jealousy and Dobos. The total came to just over $14 for 1/2 a dozen, which works to about $2.25 each (without taxes).

Canadian Cheese (left):
This is a cookie sandwich consisting of two thin cookies sandwiching a sweet, creamy filling that’s crusted with what I think are bits of toffee. The cookies were very crispy and melted in my mouth. I found the filling to be a bit greasy and one dimensional in flavour. Because it was named “Canadian Cheese” I expected there to be some cream cheese present, but I did not detect any of it in the filling.

Three Sisters (right):
This is a small piece of cake topped with a tri-coloured frosting and coated in chocolate. The frostings all tasted the same to me, so I think that the colouring was for aesthetics only. While the frosting was a bit greasy and the chocolate a tad waxy, I still quite enjoyed this treat.

Chocolate Devil (right):
This is a small bar consisting of layers of cookie/cake and what I believe is caramel icing, and coated in chocolate. Once again, I found the chocolate to be a tad waxy and perhaps not of the highest quality. The cookie/cake and icing however were quite tasty.

Progressive (left):
Two cookies with a sweet (I think it’s coffee?) filling and coated in almonds. In spite of their thickness, the cookies were incredibly crispy and light, and shattered and melted in my mouth when I bit into them. They also seemed to contain some toffee inside as I could detect a distinct caramelly flavour. Although I did still find the filling to be a bit on the greasy side, I did enjoy it much more than the one in the Canadian Cheese due to the “coffee” flavour. It also had a slightly salty taste that balanced the sweetness well.

Dobos (left):
This conssited of two layers of cake sandwiching a layer of icing and topped with and topped with an additional layer of icing. While I thought that the cake was chocolate-flavoured, there seemed to be also a mild spice that I couldn’t discern. The cake, although not exactly moist, was quite tender. The flavour of this was a bit mild to me,

Jealousy (right):
This was my favourite of the six. It consisted of layers of cake, puff pastry and icing. I was really impressed by the puff pastry, it was nice and flaky and perfectly baked. The cake was also quite tender. Although the icing was again still greasy, it didn’t really bother me as much due to the cake ans pastry, which helped break it up.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my visit and will be back again to try some of the other treats that I’ve missed from my first visit (provided of course that the ladies remain tolerant and don’t throw me out).

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Recommendations: Jealousy, Progressive
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