Acme Cafe

Although well known for their various breakfast/lunch offerings, I visited Acme Cafe only for their baked goods. They have several pies whose flavours differ daily, as well as a daily cake, and some smaller treats (cookies, squares, croissants etc). When I visited them this week, I got a slice off their Bacon Pecan Pie, a slice of their Banana Rum Cake and a slice of another pie that I unfortunately did not get the name of. I also had a Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich.

Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwich ($3.5):

The cookie was relatively small, only about 1/2 the size as the one from Butter Baked Goods. It was considerably sweeter than Butter’s, which I actually preferred since I do like sweeter desserts. It had a good peanut aroma. The texture was more crumbly than chewy, yet still melted in my mouth.

Bacon Pecan Pie ($7):

This pie was sticky and gooey, so much so that I was unable to remove it out of its container in one piece. The filling was quite sweet and had a really nice caramelized flavour. I was delighted to find quite a generous amount of bacon bits, which lent a nice smokey salty flavour that paired well with the sweetness of the filling. The layer of outer crust was quite dark and a bit too hard for my liking. It had a pretty strong salty flavour that I thought went well with the sweet filling.

Mystery Pie ($7):

Unfortuantely, I missed the name of this pie, and I honestly cannot figure out what the flavour is. The grey filling is a lot milder in flavour compared to that of the bacon pecan. It was thick, creamy and sweet, with a mysterious citrusy, almost peppery flavour. It was complimented by a generous layer of fresh wipped cream. The outer crust was considerably lighter than that of the bacon pecan, although I still personally found it to be a bit too hard.

Banana Rum Cake (with Mocha Buttercream) ($7.5):

This was my least favourite of all the food that I’ve tried, although I did still enjoy it. I found the cake to be on the dry side, and quite hard. I couldn’t really detect any of the rum, and the banana flavour was also quite mild. The buttercream was also quite firm in texture, and had a tendency to fall off of the cake while I was eating it. It did have a nice mocha flavour, however.

While I was a bit disappointed by the cake, I did thoroughly enjoy all of the other food. Furthermore, I really like the fact that they’re always changing and coming up with new flavours. My main gripe is that their prices are pretty steep (currently $7 for a pie and $7.5 for a cake slice) for rather small portions.

Food: 4.5/5
Value/Service: 3/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Any of their daily flavoured pies, Sandwich Cookies

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