A Bread Affair

Years ago,  when I was still in highschool, I’ve gone on a couple of field trips to Granville Island. While my friends and I would often get (rather over-priced) ice cream from one of the places in the Public Market, I remember that one classmate would always visit A Bread Affair to get a baguette. I’ve never been inside the bakery before, so when I was on Granville Island this week, I decided to finally pay this place a visit. Although I’m not particularly interested in plain-old breads, this bakery also makes a limited selection of sweets and viennoiserie. I’ve sampled their Tropical Carrot Cake and Better Than Sex Brownie.

Tropical Carrot Cake ($6):

This cake was filled with shredded carrots and some fruits and nuts, and topped with a coconut-flavoured frosting. The cake itself was very moist and had a nice hit of spice. While I enjoyed the coconut flavour of the frosting, it was a bit too stiff for my liking (I prefer creamier frostings). The cake slightly on the sweeter side, which was just fine for me, but might be a bit too much for others.

Better Than Sex Brownie ($4):

I don’t usually order brownies since they’re relatively easy to make at home, but with a brazen name like “better than sex” I just had to try it out. The brownie contained macadamia nuts and was covered in a layer of chocolate ganache. I must say, the texture of this brownie is perfection: super dense and fudgy (the way that brownies should be). It was bittersweet (good for who are averse to overly sweet desserts). Although I love macadamia nuts, I did find a couple of them to be a tad stale, and I think that they’d have been more impactful if they had been salted. So, does it live up to its name? A definite YES…to a chubby, socially-awkward, borderline asexual, future 60-year-old virgin (I don’t expect to live too long considering my great love for cakes and pastries and my equally great distaste for exercise). To the rest of the population, probably not.

I’m glad to have finally visited this bakery. Although I found the prices to be a tad on the high side, I guess it does make sense considering that they are located on a popular tourist attraction (and they are a much better bargain than the over-priced ice cream that I used to get). This is a solid bakery, and worth a visit if you’re on Granville Island and are looking for a quick bite.

Food: 4/5
Value/Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.75/5
Recommendations: Better Than Sex Brownie (if you’re looking for an uber-dense fudgy brownie)
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