Panaderia Latina Bakery – You REALLY Gotta Eat Here!

I’ve got an addiction to porn. Food porn that is. I’m obsessed with all the shows that are on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. One of my favourites to watch is Guy Fieri’s Triple D’s, although I’m unlikely going to be visiting any of the places features on the show anytime soon, seeing that they’re mostly in the States. Fortunately, there is a similar Canadian show called You Gotta Eat Here. While I’m not sure about the host, John Catucci (on one hand I do like his dorkiness, on the other hand he does annoy me with his fear of spicy food), I do get quite excited whenever a place in Vancouver gets featured. It was through this show that I first heard of Panaderia Latina Bakery, which, as their name indicates, specializes in Latin American-style desserts (which, as I soon found out, means tons of delicious dulce de leche). I’ve sampled their Milhoja, Torta de Dulce de Leche and Torta de Hojaldra.

Milhoja ($3.95):

This consisted of puff pastry with a generous layer of dulce de leche sandwiched in between. It was quite sticky and a bit messy to eat (I ended up getting caramel and pastry bits all over my fingers and lap). The pastry was a tad tough at times, and seemed to have a slightly “off” flavour. The dulce de leche on the other hand was delicious; thick, sticky and sweet.

Torta de Dulce de Leche ($4.75):

This consisted of layers of what I think is vanilla cream/mousse and dulce de leche sandwiched between cake and covered in coconut. And it was as fantastic as it sounded: the cake was soft and tender, and perfectly complemented by the cream and caramel, which lent both moisture and sweetness. The dulce de leche in this cake seems to be a bit different from that in the milhoja: it was runnier (but equally delicious). The coconut added a great fragance.

Torta de Hojaldra ($4.75):

Layers of puff pastry with tons of dulce de leche in between. This was like the Milhoja on steroids! While I did still find the puff pastry to be a bit lacking (I think that it might be a tad underbaked), because the layers were considerably thinner than the Milhoja, I wasn’t nearly as bothered. Of course, I cannot get enough of the delicious, thick dulce de leche. This was a sticky, gooey mess in the best possible way. I can imagine some people finding this dessert to be too sweet; for me however, it was fantastic.

I love this bakery; it’s currently one of my favourite places in Vancouver for desserts. If you like dulce de leche, please do yourself a favour and head over there now; you will not be disappointed. To quote Catucci: “you gotta eat here!”

Food: 4.5/5
Value/Service: 5/5
Overall: 5/5
Recommendations: Dulce de Leche, Torta de Hojaldra (for those of you who can handle sweeter stuff)

 Panaderia Latina Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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