Mon Paris Patisserie

The first review that I’ve ever written on this blog was for Fondway Cafe (which was a complete bust). On my way there however, I did pass by another shop that caught my eye: Mon Paris. Apparently, they are a relatively new place that (according to their website) opened just this year. I’ve finally had a chance to visit them this week. They offer some really gorgeous-looking cakes and tarts, as well as chocolates and croissants. For my visit I tried their Russian Honey, Pistachio Turnover, and Opera.

Russian Honey ($6):

This consisted of two thin layers of honey-flavoured cake sandwiching a layer of honey mousse and topped with a thick layer of vanilla mousse and whipped cream. Both layers of mousse were smooth and creamy, and sublty sweet. The cake and mousse both had a good assertive honey flavour, which I really liked. The whipped cream topping was fresh and sweet, and speckled with bits of vanilla.

Pistachio Turnover ($3.5):

The dough was flaky and enjoyable enough, though it pales somewhat in comparison to other places like Beaucoup or Small Victory. Although there was a generous amount of pistachio filling present, I personally found the filling to be a bit on the bland side without any real distinctive flavour. Even though I did like this, it isn’t really particularly memorable.

Opera ($6):

This consisted of a thick layer of coffee mousse sandwiched between two layers of coffee cake with a thinner layer of chocolate mousse topped with a bittersweet chocolate ganache. I was initially caught off guard by the flavour: the dessert wasn’t sweet at all, but had a mild bitter taste. The dessert did grow on me however as I continued on eating. Once again, the layers of mousse were smooth and velvety, with great assertive chocolate and coffee flavours. Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy the cake layers as much: they were bland and had a slightly rubbery texture. This is definitely something for those who enjoy coffee or prefer their desserts to be on the bittersweet side.

Although nothing completely blew me away, I did enjoy everything at Mon Paris, especially the Russian Honey and, unlike Fondway, I certainly have no regrets for my visit. While I do find their prices to be a tad on the higher side, everything seems to be made with great ingredients and attention to detail, so I think that it’s worthwhile. I really hope that this Mon Paris does well; I’d love to come back to sample some of their other pretty desserts.

Food: 4/5
Value/Service: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Russian Honey
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