Andy’s German Bakehaus – Taking a 180 on cherries and cheese

There are quite a few Western foods that I’ve grown to appreciate over the years. Probably the most dramatic is probably pizza. I hated pizza the first time that I’ve tried it. Yes, you read that right. I used to HATE pizza, and my parents actually had to bribe me to get me to finish my portion. Another food that I initial disliked (and perhaps one of the reasons for my initial aversion to pizza) was cheese, including cheesecake. I also hated anything cherry-flavoured, mainly because they remind me of the cherry-flavoured cough syrup that I used to be forced to consume as a kid. Fortunately, my palate has changed and I now enjoy all three of the foods.

Which brings me to Andy’s German Bakehaus, a bakery on Commercial Drive that offers, as the name implies, German-style baked goods, as well as soem sandwiches and soups. The bakery itself is tiny and there was only a small selection of food on display. Going against my 6-year-old cheese- and cherry-hating self, I went ahead and ordered their Black Forest Cake and Cheesecake.

Black Forest Cake ($5):



This was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. While the cake was moist, it was also bland and severely lacking in sweetness or chocolate flavour. Fortunately, the layers of whipping cream and chocolate shavings helped lend a bit of sweetness. Ironically, my favourite part of the cake was actually the layer of cherry filling, which was tangy and didn’t have any of the horrible, artifical cough syrup flavour that caused me to hate cherries for so long.

Cheesecake ($4.25):


This was quite different from any other cheesecakes that I’ve had. The crust was more like a cake rather than the traditional bread crumb. The filling was firm, crumbly, and more sweet than tangy (I don’t think that it has any cream cheese). It had a really nice (vanilla?) fragrance. Overall, and interesting and quite delicious version of a cheesecake.

Although I am a little disappointed by the Black Forest Cake, their Cheesecake was well worth the visit. I really would recommend people to give it a try.
Andy's Bakery & Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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