Sushi S Japanse Restaurant – Post-comp exam celebrations

One more time
We’re gonna celebrate
Oh yeah, all right
One more time…

So I finally did my comprehensive exam (which I’ve been dreading for literally MONTHS), and miraculously, in spite of a number of stumbles and embarassing moments that I’m actively trying to suppress in my memory, I actually passed. I’m now a PhD candidate. Woohoo!

While Daft Punk advoates celebrating by dancing and partying, I prefer to celebrate by eating. After scrolling through the list of places on Skipthedishes again, I decided on Sushi S Japanse Restaurant since it appears to be quite favourably reviewed and (being a Japanese restaurant) it had some options that my dad (who is easily the pickiest eater I know) might actually eat.

Rainbow Special Maki Roll ($11)
Tarantula Special Maki Roll ($11)
Aburi Salmon Oshi ($13)

I didn’t try any of the rolls, since 1) I actually do not like sashimi. I know this is unpopular (asides from Mr. Picky, aka my dad, I’m literally the only person I know who doesn’t like sushi). I just cannot understand why raw fish (or meat) tastes good. I just find it bland and slimy, and not at all enjoyable and 2) I’m allergic to avocadoes, which is present in all of the rolls. My mom, who likes sushi and who’s not allergic to avocado ate the sushi. From the feedback that I got from her, it was generally quite good, although she did find the rice to be a bit undercooked. Her favourite was the Rainbow Roll, followed by the Tarantual Roll. She didn’t like the Aburi Salmon as much as she felt there was too much rice and not enough fish.

Chicken Teriyaki ($9.3):

I’m so disappointed. I love chicken teriyaki. Being a non-sushi eater, this has always been my go-to dish to order at Japanese restaurants. I don’t care if it’s pedestrian or inauthentic, I absolutely love it and any decent version is an automatic 4/5 for me. This is one of the worst versions that I’ve had. The pieces of chicken were small and thin, and many of them consisted of mostly skin with barely any meat in between. Moreover, the skin was soggy and lacked any crispiness at all. I don’t know how they could have screwed this dish up, especially considering that most of their other food was decent. Seriously, I’ve had much better AYCE chicken teriyaki.

BBQ Beef Rib ($14.8):

The beef was flavourful and coated in a sweet sauce that I actually quite liked. It was a bit chewy and grisly in some parts, but was definitely superior to the beef from the yakiudon. This is easily my favourite dish of the night.

Beef Yakiudon ($12.1):

The yakiudon was topped with a good amount of grilled beef. The beef as on the tough/stringy side, which was what I expected (I don’t think that I’ve ever had good teriyaki beef; is it something to do with the cut that they use?). Fortunately, the noodles were enjoyable, having a good amount of flavour and a nice,still slightly chewy texture. Overall, one of the better stir-fried noodle dishes that I’ve had.

Unagi Don ($14.3):

The flavour was pretty good. Unfortunately, as it often happens, the eel did have a “fishy” flavour. It wasn’t too strong though, and I did still enjoy it.

Salmon Kama ($4.4):

I personally found the fish to be underseasoned and on the bland side; otherwise however, I quite liked the dish. The salmon was very tender and juicy; in fact, I prefer it over more expensive cuts.

I had relatively high expectations of this restaurant since it appears to have pretty good reviews, and I am left somewhat disappointed. While I don’t think that this place is bad, but I doubt that I’ll return either. Not quite the celebration that I wanted, but oh well. I’ll have plenty of more opportunities to celebrate in the days to come. Trafiq, here I come

Sushi S Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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