Baker & Table

Baker & Table is a small bakery located on Fraser St. near 49th avenue. They offer a selection of Japanese-inspired goods, which helps distinguish them from the very popular Breka Bakery located just a block away. On my visit there, I got their Matcha Tiramisu, Red Bean Melonpan, and Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Roasted Apricot Torte.

Matcha Tiramisu ($5.5):

Technically not a tiramisu since it hasn’t got any coffee or marscapone. The cake is a bit on the dry side, but that is countered by the layers of matcha and chocolate mousse sandwiched in between. The matcha flavour was quite weak and I personally would have liked the cake to be a bit sweeter overall (I have a high sugar tolerance).

Red Bean Melonpan ($3.25):

Considering that I’m not a big fan of red bean desserts, this was pretty good. The bun was fluffy and soft, and the red beans had a good texture (soft but not mushy) and a good sweetness. Those who do like red beans will probably enjoy this.

Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Roasted Apricot Torte ($5.5):

I’m a huge chocoholic, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is my favourite of the three items that I’ve tried. Unlike the tiramisu, the cake was considerably more moist and the chocolate flavour strong and bold. Although there wasn’t that much apricot, the few pieces that I did encounter were juicy and lended a nice tangy contrast to the chocolate. This cake satisfied my chocolate fix, and left me a happy camper for the day.

While I did like most of the food offered by Baker & Table, I do take issue with their prices. The sizes of their cake slices are quite small, and I do feel that >$5 overpriced, especially considering that Breka across the street is offering equally delicious cakes with considerably more generous portions at lower prices. However, if you are a fan of Asian-style desserts, then this bakery is a good alternative.
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