Pie Hole

I was recently reading a paper (I think it was Metro) that contained a review of the Pie Hole. The writer had some very positive things to say about their homemade crust and fantastic pie fillings. This was more than enough to prompt me to visit the shop a few days later. I was hoping to try out “Colleen’s Mistake”, not just because of the name, but also because their website describes it as “our buttery crust is filled with a rich chocolate fudgey centre and topped with maple candied salted pecans and house made whipped cream and caramel sauce“. Seriously, are you not drooling? Unfortunately, as per usual, they weren’t serving that pie at the time of my visit *sob*. I did notice that their website has an option of ordering pies 48 hours in advance though. I don’t know if they do it for individual slices, but I’ll give it a shot (or maybe I’ll just order the entire pie; I’m sure I can finish one by myself). Anyways, from the selection that they had, I picked their Pulled Pork Handpie as well as their Canadian Maple Pie.

Pulled Pork Handpie ($7.25):


The crust was every bit as good as I had hoped: rich, flaky and buttery. There was a good generous amount of pulled pork filling, which was tender, juicy and flavourful.

Canadian Maple Pie ($7):


The filling had a good assertive maple flavour and was sweet withought being overwhelmingly so. The whipped cream topping fresh, mildly sweet, and a welcomed contrast to the sweeter filling. Of course, due to the filling, the bottom crust of the pie did become a bit soggy, and the crust on the outer edge was slightly over-baked (i.e. it was a bit bitter in some parts). It was still flaky though and melted in my mouth.

While I really enjoyed the food, I do feel that the prices are a bit steep. I’m certain that they use really good, high quality ingredients, but I’m still not sure if that justifies the $7 price tag for a moderately-sized slice of pie. Nevertheless, I will definitely be returning to try some of their other offerings.

The Pie Hole  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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