Bakery Sate – Now that’s a good cheesecake

The very first time that I’ve ever tried cheesecake was 18 years ago. It was probably just a month or so since my parents and I had arrived in Canada and I was about to turn 7. One of our friends, who has been living in Canada longer than we have, took us to Costco, and my parents got me a mango cheesecake for my birthday. We had no idea of what a cheesecake was (cheesecakes and other “Western” foods weren’t very common in China at the time). I was expecting an actual “cake” cake, and was surprised to be met with a thick layer of sour-tasting stuff that made me feel kind of nauseous since I wasn’t used to eating rich creamy stuff. None of us liked the cake, and we ended up tossing about 1/2 of it out.

Fast forward to current day, and I’ve become a banana. Well, maybe not quite, but I’ve certainly grown to appreciate Western cusine (as well as other non-Chinese foods) much more. And I’ve come to like cheesecake…New York-style Cheesecake that is. I’m not a big fan of soft, fluffy mousse-like desserts; they just don’t feel substantial enough. I like my cheesecakes to be firm and dense. Which is what brings me to Bakery Sate: I heard that they offered a mean Cheesecake of the New York variety. Of course, being a glutton, I wasn’t content with just a cake so I got their Nutella Banana Croissant Bread Pudding as well.

Display case. Sorry for the glare; I still suck at taking photos.

Nutella Banana Croissant Bread Pudding ($3.5):


I love nutella, I think it goes great with bananas (and just about everything else), and I like croissants, so this sounded like a sure hit. The bread pudding had a nice crispy outer crust of buttery croissants and was filled with generous chunks of bananas. I did wish that there was more nutella, but that’s probably because I’m a huge nutella lover.

Cheesecake ($5.5):


Now that’s what I call a good cheesecake! The curd was smooth, creamy, and had the firmer texture that I want in cheesecakes.  It was coated with crushed walnuts, which not only added a good crunchy texture, but also a great nutty flavour. The crust also had a nutty flavour, and was a welcomed textural contrast to the curd. It was topped with a thick layer of sweet whipping cream that went surprisingly well with the tanginess of the cake. Overall, this was easily the best cheesecake that I’ve had in a long time.

My visit to Bakery Sate has certainly made me a fan. I cannot wait to be back to try out some of their other delicious-looking cakes and pastries.

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