Purebread – Loaves are NOT the same as cakes (but are still delicious)

I’ve been to Purebread twice now. The first time was on a snowy day this Feburary. I got their Prosciutto and Egg Brioche ($6 at the time) as well as a slice of their Salted Caramel Loaf ($4 at the time, sorry I didn’t take any pictures). I enjoyed both, in particular the brioche, which had this incredible pocket of savoury “juice” inside that reminded me of a Shanghainese pork dumpling.


Their infamous display case of goodies.

I had a slightly odd experience with Purebread on my latest visit. To summarize: I saw that they had a (at the time, unsliced) Coconut Buttermilk Cake on display for $5.25/slice, and I requested for one. The employee who was serving me seemed to be fine with my request. And then I saw him attempt to slice the cake, stop to consult with a fellow employee, and then turn to me to say that he couldn’t serve the cake and if it’s okay to replace it with the Coconut Buttermilk Loaf “since it’s essentially the same thing”. He didn’t really give an explanation as to why he couldn’t serve the cake; my best guess is that maybe he didn’t know how to slice/portion it. Anyways, caught off guard, I agreed to have the loaf version (a decision that I immediately regretted since I REALLY wanted to try one of their layered cakes and should have asked for one of the already sliced ones that they had at the counter at the back). I also got their Bacon and Egg Brioche (now $6.5), which I thought was going to be similar to their proscuitto version (which they unfortunately didn’t have available at the time).

Bacon and Egg Brioche ($6.5):



I had hoped that this would be like their prosciutto version, but unfortuantely, it wasn’t nearly as good. I know that all the bacon-lovers out there are going to kill me for this, but I personally didn’t think that bacon has the same impact as prosciutto, and there wasn’t any of that delicious savoury “juice” from the other brioche. Don’t get me wrong, it was still tasty, but it seriously pales in comparison to the former one that I had.

Coconut Buttermilk Loaf ($4.25):



I try my best not to be influenced by my disappointment that I got the loaf version instead of the cake. On the plus side, it was $1 cheaper (although they did raise the initial price by $0.25 from $4), and the portion was really generous (2x larger than what you’d typically get). The cake had a lot of shredded coconut dispersed inside and was really soft and moist. The frosting was creamy, sweet with a slight tang (probably cream cheese). My issue is that because it is a “loaf” all of the frosting’s clustered on top instead of being sandwiched in between the cake, which would have made a much better balance of the flavours. So for a loaf it was excellent, but I think that the cake version would have been better (sorry, but I don’t think loaves are the “same” as cakes).

Although I was initially quite bitter about being denied my cake, now that I’ve had time to cool off and reflect, I must say that I still quite like Purebread a lot. Even though I still want to try their cakes, their loaves are already fantastic on their own (in spite of tehir slightly less ideal ratio of cake to frosting), and I’d go back just for them. Plus I’ll always have Trafiq.

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