Trafiq – Where I would go for my last meal

I’m not going to beat about the bush with this one, I’ll just say it right now, Trafiq is by far my favourite bakery in Vancouver. It’s not just because they offer slices of cakes for $6 that are 2x the size offered from most bakeries, but the cakes are FREAKING FANTASTIC. The first time I went there, I had a slice of their Chocolate Decadence, and it blew me away. I finally revisited them this week and got a slice of their Salted Caramel. I had hoped to try their Maplicious cake, which sounded incredible. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as you’ll see later on in my review), they weren’t offering it that day. However, unlike some other places *cough* Fondway *cough* they had plenty of other options available, and I got a slice of Tiramisu instead.


Salted Caramel Cake ($5.95)


Delicious caramel mousse sandwiched between moist layers of vanilla cake and dotted with golden globs of thick caramel. Really, is there anything more to say? The only negative that I had was that the outer layer of buttercream (the light brown layer) had a slightly off-putting “chemical” flavour (maybe it wasn’t as fresh as it could have been?). It wasn’t very strong fortunately, and it didn’t deter me from polishing off every last crumb of the cake.

Tiramisu Cake ($5.95)


I’m shocked. Being a MAJOR chocoholic, I did not think that anything could top the Chocolate Decadence, but I think that the tiramisu has just done that. I don’t have the writing skills to do justice to this cake. The coffee mousse was exquisite, with a perfect balance between sweet and slight bitterness from the coffee. The layers of cake were moist, flavourful and melted in my mouth. It is easily THE BEST cake that I’ve ever had. I’m almost glad that they weren’t offering the Maplicious cake and that I got this instead. And if the Maplicious can somehow top this…seriously, I don’t even have words.

On my earlier 1st visit I had their aforementioned Chocolate Decadence.

Chocolate Decadence ($5.95)


This was my favourite cake until the Tiramisu came and stole the crown. The cake was super moist, chocolaty and fudgy, and the layers of chocolate mousse was delicious. Perfect bitter sweetness. It’s topped with a golden ball that turned out to be some sort of chocolate cake/ganache that was a nice treat on itself.

In a previous post I’ve lamanted about not living closer to Main St., but I suppose that it is fortunate since there’s no doubt I’d be 50+ pounds overweight if I am, and most of it would be due to Trafiq. Seriously, if you like cake, do yourself a favour and head down there right now. If I were to die tomorrow my last meal would be a slice each of all of their cakes, and I have absolutely no doubt that I’d be able to finish them all cause they’re just THAT good.

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