JJ Bean Coffee Roasters (Commercial Dr; from previous visit)

Note: This is a review from a visit that I made prior to starting this blog. I will be uploading more of these over the next week or so. Also, sorry for the poor qualities of the photos below, I’m still learning to take pictures.

Being a UBC student, I’m overjoyed to learn that with the construction of the new central, we’ll be also getting quite a few popular restaurants like Bao Down, Rain or Shine Ice Cream and Boa Down (although I guess my waistline will have a different opinion). Included among the newcomers is JJ Bean, which already has several locations around Vancouver. I have been to their Commercial Dr. location a couple of times, and have been generally quite impressed by their baked offerings.

Very Berry Muffin (around $3)


The muffin was large, probably 1.5-2x the size of regular muffins. It was overfilled with juicy berries. I did find it to be a bit doughy in some parts and I would have preferred for it to be a bit sweeter, but that’s probably just because I love sugar and have a high tolerance for sweets.

Double Chocolate Browne Cookie (around $3)

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookie.jpg


Although not as big as the muffin, it was still quite substantial in size. I really liked the texture: crispy on the edges with a softer interior. There were a nice amount of chocolate chunks. I just would have liked there to be a bit more chocolate flavour however.

Butter Croissant (I want to say $3.50?)



Ham & Cheese Turnover (I want to say $4.50ish)



Both the croissant the the turnover were flaky, fresh and buttery, and just as good as those from higher end patisseries.

Overall, my experience with JJ Bean has been quite positive, and I’m very happy that they’ll be coming to UBC soon. Just another place for me to get my pastry fix.

JJ Bean Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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