Morak Korean Fusion – Popcorn Chicken 2.0 + Bossam

Morak Korean Fusion caught my eye while I was scrolling down the list of restaurants available in my delivery area on Skipthedishes, partly because they offered free delivery and partly because I’ve heard some good things about them. Being a carnivore (in addition to having a massive sweet tooth; yes, I know that I’m probably not going to live very long), I immediately went for their meat dishes, ordering Gganpoong Chicken Rice, Bossam, Bongchu Jjim Dak, and BBQ Mackerel.

Gganpoong Chicken Rice ($12.95)



If you like popcorn chicken, you’ll love this. This is basically popcorn chicken 2.0. The coating was fragrant, crispy and covered in a delicious sweet and spicy sauce while the meat was tender and juicy. I ordered during lunch time, so they have a smaller sized version, which is $2 less than their regular size. The “small” size is already quite substantial and enough to make a filling lunch on its own.

Bossam ($23.95)



Korean pork belly. Probably their most popular dish, and for a good reason. The meat was tender and juicy, and had a delicious smoky, BBQ flavour. The portion was generous and probably enough for 4+ people to share.

Bongchu Jjim Dak ($28.95)



It was essentially a Korean chicken stew with noodles, potatoes, and some other vegetables. Although not as outstanding as the other two dishes, it was still very good, with the chicken being very tender and falling off the bone with a nice sweet and slightly spicy flavour. Again it was a large portion (probably included an entire chicken, I think), and perfect for sharing.

BBQ Mackerel ($14.95)



Although I would have preferred one of their BBQ meats (specifically their beef shortribs), since my previous 3 dishes were already meats, I felt obliged to get a fish dish instead. It was good for it was. Mackerel does tend to have a “fishy” taste, and although I could detect it in this dish, it wasn’t too bad. The fish itself was flavourful and juicy. The portion was slightly smaller in comparison to the previous dishes, but still reasonable.

I have no idea of what the restaurant is like in terms of ambience or service, but I definitely enjoyed their food. Although the prices are a bit on the higher side, it seems to be typical for most Korean restaurants (which tend to be more expensive than most Asian restaurants) and the portions are generous enough to justify the costs. I’ll definitely be ordering again from them in the future (their BBQ shortribs are definitely at the top of my list of things to try, along with their korean omelette, seafood pancake, and japchae).

On a side note, I’m really digging Skipthedishes. It appears to have way more restaurants listed than other delivery sites like Justeat or Lazymeal, and I love their live GPS system.

Morak Korean Fusion Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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