Fondway Cafe – aka the day I wish I went to Breka instead

Disappointment. That was how I felt after visiting Fondway Cafe for the first time today. I’ve been meaning to visiting the place for quite some time after seeing all the pictures of delicious looking cakes that other people have been posting. With fantasies of delicious chocolate and Earl Grey cakes floating in my mind, I entered the cafe this morning only to be crushed to see that the only thing  they were apparently serving at the time was cheesecake. To add salt to the wound, they did actually have an Earl Grey cake sitting on their kitchen counter, but apparently it still needed to be decorated and wouldn’t be ready for another hour. F@$#! (Although on the bright side, I guess it is nice to see that they’re making their stuff in house and fresh).

I didn’t really want cheesecake, since I knew that it wasn’t the New York variety (which I prefer since I like firmer cheesecakes), and it had no crust (which I like to have in my cheesecakes), but I didn’t want to leave empty-handed, so I got a slice of their matcha cheesecake.

Matcha Cheesecake ($5.25)


3/5 (4/5 for those who like softer, crust-less type cheesecakes)

As I’ve mentioned, this isn’t the type of cheesecake that I like, so it is a bit hard for my to judge this. I will say that overall, I did enjoy the cake. The matcha flavour actually came out nicely. As with many Asian-style desserts, the cake wasn’t particularly sweet, but had a good balance between a slight bitterness from the matcha and tang from the cream cheese. The red beans were soft and sweet, and were a nice touch. The cake was quite small however, and I personally don’t think it was worth the >$5.


They do have cute take-out boxes though.

Overall, my first experience with Fondway Cafe has been a major disappointment, and as implied by the title of this post, I do wish that I had gone somewhere else instead for my cake fix. It’s unlikely that I’ll be back again.

Fondway Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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